Host Your Own Harry Potter Week

Start your 2018 right by organizing a Harry Potter Week with your friends and family! For the first week of January 2018, get folks together to watch all eight Harry Potter movies - one every night, with a double bill on the final day. 


Why Host Harry Potter Week?

January can be a gloomy time. All the excitement of the holidays is done and the weather is often less than ideal. You might have made resolutions for the new year and will need as much support as possible to stick to them. 

Harry Potter week is a simple, joyful excuse to get together with loved ones and dive into the wizarding world with intention and discipline. Imagine bringing the types of conversations from the Harry Potter and the Sacred Text podcast into your own living room! 

How To Do It

Watching the movies with others always makes the reflective conversations much more rich. So plan to get together with 2-6 friends every night of the week, starting on Monday 1 January and prepare to watch movies 7 and 8 on Sunday 7 January. 

Hosting every night can get a bit much, so plan to rotate hosting. This is fun because you'll get to visit friends/family in their homes! You can have pot-luck dinner every night, or ask the host to be responsible for food. Or you can order in! 

To try some 'sacred viewing', why not choose a theme through which you'll watch the movie? You can then discuss afterward or save the conversation for dinner the following night. Or you might want to track one character's journey through the eight movies. Or, you can bring a question that you're sitting with to the story and see what the narrative offers you. 

Let us know how you do your Harry Potter Week! And send us some pictures on twitter to @hpsacredtext. Have fun everyone! 

Casper + Vanessa