Disillusionment: The Parting of the Ways (Book 4, Chapter 36)

Casper begins the episode by telling a story about his experience with disillusionment and the loss of belief in a leader. He relates his story to the character of Fudge, who willingly allows people to suffer in order to preserve his own career. Harry, like Casper, thought well of this leader in the past, but discovers that what he had admired was simply showmanship.

What do we do in the face of disillusionment? Vanessa and Casper ask. We are faced with a whole set of new information and have to readjust. We will also inevitably react in our own ways. Vanessa talks about her reaction after the re-election of Bush and the election of Trump. It is natural both to need time to rest and recover and to be spurred to action, she points out. Harry, for example, needs time to recuperate in the face of disillusionment.

How can we best support those that have been disillusioned? Casper and Vanessa point out several people in Harry’s life that provide a ministerial, non-anxious presence and dedicate themselves to taking care of him. They go on to have an exciting debate that you won’t want to miss!

Then the pair follows in the footsteps of St. Ignatius of Loyola and imagines themselves into the text. This leads to an exciting outcome (and the question: Can we rewrite our stories?) and proves that it is impossible to choose which is the best spiritual practice; they are all amazing.