Grief: Priori Incantatem (Book 4, Chapter 34)

This week, Casper and Vanessa are joined by Matt Potts, Assistant Professor at the Harvard Divinity School. He tells a story about a grief he has lived with and what he has learned. He argues that grief doesn’t go away; rather, it is a posture. He provides advice for those of us dealing with grief and encourages us to be present to one another.

Vanessa and Casper recap this eventful chapter. Don’t forget to head to the Harry potter and the Sacred Text instagram to see Vanessa and Casper give their 30-second recaps!

The pair compare Harry’s grief to our own; like in Harry’s case, grief often comes in inopportune moments, but is an opportunity to bring people together.

Voldemort’s relationship with grief, on the other hand, is lacking in understanding. When the people that he killed appear as ghosts to help Harry, Voldemort, never having grieved them, seems to drown in it. He does, however, provide an interesting bit of wisdom--check out the episode to find out what it is!

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