Special Edition: Owl Post with Professor Stephanie Paulsell

For this Special Edition: Owl Post, Vanessa is joined by Stephanie Paulsell to respond to five voicemails sent in by the podcast’s wonderful listeners. As the intern, the daughter of Stephanie Paulsell, and a devotee of HPST, this writer affirms that it is nearly impossible to pick five out of all the wonderful submissions we get.


The voicemails Vanessa and Stephanie discuss get at some hugely important issues: relics and honoring our bodies, the stories we tell ourselves to feel safe, the difficulty of knowing how to support someone in pain, and the reminder that even the wizarding world is imperfect.

The episode is filled with wisdom, from both listeners and hosts. One listener points out that the rebirth of Voldemort is kind of like an anti-communion where everything is coerced. Another listener honors an unnamed but important character. In response to one voicemail, Stephanie says, “We ask survivors of trauma to not only do the work they need to do to get through what’s happened but to do the emotional work of caring for those around them.” Another listener remembers Vanessa’s powerful words: “Love is a radical act.”

Listen now for more pearls of wisdom!