Wrap-Up: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

In this Book 4 Wrap-Up, Casper and Vanessa discuss the Goblet of Fire’s role within the series. Casper notes that the book is a kind of pivot point between the first three and last three, in which we get a “sense of what’s at stake for the rest of the story.” Vanessa observes that the novel is incredibly political, both in the plot and the development of Harry. The hosts interrogate Harry’s identity and understanding of self in this novel and observe the ways in which we see him change.


The pair argues that, from positions of privilege,  it is easy to forget that politics and war are forced on the bodies of others and outline the ways in which Harry Potter is a reminder and expression of those wounds and identities.  

In this episode, you’ll find out who won the season’s 30-second recaps and you’ll hear both Casper and Vanessa give a 30 second recap for the entire novel. Casper even does it in a spectacular foreign accent.

They wrap up with a final spiritual practice--florilegia--and offer blessings for two characters.