Here are some of our FAQ's:

Q) You tell me to send a voicemail. But you don't tell me HOW! HOW??
A) You're right! Argh! What we mean is record a voice memo on your phone or computer and email us at harrypottersacredtext@gmail.com 

Q) Do you know JK Rowling? Does she know about your podcast?
A) No. And we don't think so? But if you know her, tell her about us! We think she'd dig it.

Q) You know that snakes don't lactate, right? And that "milking a snake" is about venom?
A) We didn't know that. But we do now!

Q) How do you pick your themes?
A) Click here

Q) Will you read Cursed Child?
A) Na. At least not til we are done with the podcast. We don't want non-canonical texts to impact the way we read the sacred 7. (We arbitrarily decided that those are the sacred 7.)

Q) Why do you only do Judeo-Christian practices? Will you do other religious practices?
A) Given that we are Jewish and Christian, and that is what we studied, we only want to teach and lead that which is authentically ours. We have hosted people of different faiths (Sejal Patel and Marya Bangee, for example, have both been on the show speaking about Hinduism and Islam respectively) and we plan to have more guests representing different faiths as well. However, we will never lead in practices that are not of our traditions. 

Q) I love your podcast. How can I show my love?
A) That is so sweet! Lots of ways. Tell your friends and families about it. Send them an episode. Post about the podcast on your social media. Write a review on iTunes. Or make a donation to help us keep it going!

Q) Did you figure out the plural of patronus?
A) We learned! In the books, it is patronuses. But we say, whatever you'd like.