A huge thank you to everyone who has made this podcast possible and keeps making it better!

All of our generous and visionary Kickstarter supporters
for believing in this before there was a 'this'!

Ivan Pyzow
for writing our fantastic transition and outro music.

Graham & Wendy at the Harvard Communication Office
for coordinating the recording studio for us and our weekly chit-chat

Shane, Lauren and Rufus Bannon and Taylor
for being sustaining supporters of the podcast and wonderful people

Nick Bohl
for writing our intro music and overall loveliness

The Harry Potter as a Sacred Text group that in Cambridge, MA
for proving to us, week in week out, that treating this text as sacred can give us gifts we can't even imagine

Rory Hermione Gilmore
for being the best dog ever and for annoying Casper to Vanessa's delight

Amy Hollywood
for being our mentor and pointing out that Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone is a capitalist's dream

Rosy Hosking
for naming the Podcast and birthing Casper and Vanessa's goddaughter

Rebecca and Charlie Ledley
for being the first people to believe in this podcast and for having cute kids and hosting amazing Shabbats

Robert Majovski
for taking our gorgeous photos and fathering Casper and Vanessa's goddaughter

Hannah O'Neill
for creating our video/short

Stephanie Paulsell
for being our mentor and one of our favorite people in the world

Matthew Potts
for being our mentor and sitting on his kitchen floor helping us figure this out

Kate Sullivan
for designing our website

Tesily Diehl
for creating our logo

Bryce Gillfillian
for being our first donor and beloved friend and fan

Michael J Ritchie
for being an early supporter of the podcast

Michael Motia
for being willing to talk through anything we can’t figure out

Stephanie Paulsell
for being the love of our lives