Reading fiction doesn’t help us escape the world.

It helps us live in it.

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We condemn J.K. Rowling’s transphobia.

Harry Potter and the Sacred Text supports all gender identities. Read more about our values here.

HPST Announcements

It's Here: Our Annual Patreon Drive!

In order to sustain Harry Potter and the Sacred Text, we want to gain 200 new supporters for our Patreon this month. What that means for you: bonus content, brand new Patreon perks like weekly study hours with Vanessa, a chance to attend a special, patron-only event after our October 12th live show, and so much more. Take a look on at our Patreon and make sure you're following us on Instagram to catch all of it.

Travel with the Original HPST Crew!

We've announced the first pilgrimage of Common Ground's 2024 season: Vanessa, Casper, and Ariana-- the crew that created Harry Potter and the Sacred Text-- will be leading a pilgrimage together for the first time ever! Reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban through the theme of "escape," pilgrims on this trip will explore the beautiful countryside of Devonshire and Cornwall from May 14th-19th, 2024-- learn more and book your spot here!

Sign Up for Our Romance Writing Workshop!

Vanessa's hugely successful Romance Writing Workshop is back to keep you company through NaNoWriMo 2023! For eight weeks, you will study romance, outline your novel, and then work in small groups to create a 50,000-word draft of that novel. Even more exciting, we're offering an additional six-week revision track for folks invested in taking their draft to the next level. Head here to learn more and sign up!

Virtual Live Show on Thursday, October 12th!

Come hang out with Vanessa, Casper, and Matt live on Thursday, October 12th at 8pm ET! We will be looking closely at a chapter in The Order of the Phoenix, and this live event will include an opening story, sacred practices, and some moments of joy. We hope you can join your favorite trio as they discuss their favorite trio during this silly and sacred evening! Get your tickets here!

Not Sorry C.A.M.P.

The 48 hours we spent together in Monticello, New York earlier this month were... simply unreal. We ate meals together, had an incredible live show, sang together, witnessed Vanessa and Casper act out the whole first half of the Sound of Music, and so much more. To learn more and sign up for word of future events like it, click here!

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In the premiere episode, Casper and Vanessa talk about why they are starting this project.

Series 2

With new co-host Matt Potts. Matt and Vanessa discuss, “How do we react to frustration productively?”

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