Vanessa Zoltan stands against a brick wall in a blue shirt and yellow scarf

Vanessa Zoltan

Co-Host, Executive Producer, CEO Not Sorry


Vanessa is the CEO of Not Sorry. She is on three of our podcasts: Harry Potter and the Sacred Text, The Real Question, and Hot & Bothered. She founded Common Ground Pilgrimages in order to travel with brilliant faculty to beautiful places and talk about books with amazing pilgrims. It was a great trick she pulled off. She is also the author of the book, "Praying with Jane Eyre".

Vanessa was trained as a non-denominational chaplain at Harvard Divinity School. She is a proud California girl who currently lives in MA with her gorgeous, blended family. Her Romance novelist pseudonym, if she ever publishes a Romance novel, will be Lorelai Mason, as you can see in her profile pic.


Profile photo of Matthew Potts, wearing a navy blue sweater and a light-blue collared shirt

Matthew Potts



Matt grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan and graduated from Notre Dame with a BA in English.

After a brief stint in the navy in Japan, he began graduate school and took both his M.Div. and Ph.D. degrees from Harvard. He serves on the Harvard faculty now and teaches courses on religion and literature. He's also an Episcopal priest and has ministered to several congregations in Massachusetts. Matt is the co-host of Harry Potter and the Sacred Text.

He likes running, cooking, walking his dog, the Detroit Tigers, dessert, and doing nearly anything with his wife and kids. He also likes a lot of books.

Profile photo of Casper ter Kuile, wearing a navy t-shirt against a grey background

Casper ter Kuile



Casper ter Kuile brings new possibilities for community and spirituality to life. He's the co-creator and founding co-host of Harry Potter and the Sacred Text, the co-host of The Real Question, and a board member of Not Sorry.

Casper is the author of The Power of Ritual (HarperOne, 2020) and the co-founder of Sacred Design Lab, a soul-centered research and development lab. A graduate of Harvard's Kennedy and Divinity Schools, he served as a Ministry Innovation Fellow for Harvard Divinity School from 2016-2021.

Casper's at his happiest when he's harmony folk singing, keeping his tech sabbath, or stopping for a tea break on a long country walk. Originally from England and Holland, he lives with his husband in Brooklyn, NY.


Profile Photo of AJ Jaramaz, wearing glasses and a blue shirt

AJ Jaramaz



AJ Jaramaz is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and currently lives in Brooklyn. He is a producer for Not Sorry, working across projects. He received his B.A. in English from UCLA, and enjoys making music and reading in his spare time.

Profile photo of Ariana Nedelman, wearing glasses and a spotted shirt

Ariana Nedelman

Founding Producer


Ariana Nedelman is the Executive Producer of Not Sorry. She produces Hot & Bothered and The Real Question, and oversees all of the content that comes out of Not Sorry. She has her BA from the University of Chicago and enjoyed a brief stint at Harvard Divinity School before dropping out to become a full time podcaster.

In her spare time, Ariana is working on an audio project called When We All Get to Heaven, which tells the story of how a LGBTQ Christian congregation responded to the HIV/AIDS crisis in 1980s and 90s San Francisco. She loves contra dancing, British panel shows, and reading aloud.


Profile photo of Courtney Brown, wearing a light yellow shirt, standing in front of a mossy landscape

Courtney Brown

Administrative Coordinator


Courtney serves as Administrative Coordinator. Born in Louisiana and currently residing in the DFW area of Texas, Courtney received her BS in Secondary English Education at Louisiana State University Shreveport and taught ninth grade literature for five years before becoming full-time caretaker to her two kids.