We believe that in treating texts as sacred we can learn to treat one another as sacred.

We believe that radical acts of kindness and courage are choices that we make and that sacred reading and rigorous conversation give us a practice ground for those choices.


We believe in uplifting the voices of the marginalized and standing up against those who speak and act in ways that perpetuate systems of oppression. This is part of our mission, and we take it very seriously. We are a chaplaincy-based organization, and we believe in responding to situations with care and love. However, we also believe that accountability is an expression of that love.

All Genders Supported + Anti Transphobia

JK Rowling has shared a lot of misinformation about transness over the last few years, starting properly in 2019, with many loud hints before then. This misinformation is dangerous. We cannot believe that we even have to say that Trans Rights are human rights, but we do. We have been lucky enough to partner with many trans activists in our work over the last few years including Jackson Bird and Imara Jones.


We believe that Black Lives Matter and stand with all people of color in the fight for racial justice in the United States and around the world. We have done fundraisers with Black Lives Matter, Prison Justice Reform organizations, and have run classes on deconstructing supremacy in the Harry Potter world. We acknowledge the legacy of slavery and systemic economic disenfranchisement in the United States and the Caribbean.

As part of an effort toward equality, inspired by Sacred Design Lab co-run by Casper ter Kuile, we commit to a reparational payment of 24.4% to all contractors and employees who are descended from African people who were enslaved in the United States and Caribbean. This percentage reflects the median wage gap between Black and white Americans, according to the Economic Policy Institute.

Climate Crisis

Given that we travel for our work, we partner with One Tree Planted to try to offset our carbon foot-print.

Our Yearly Fundraiser

Each year we partner with an organization as part of our “Don’t Be A Dursley” Campaign. We have raised money for RAICES, Black Lives Matter, The Loveland Foundation and have managed a Mutual Aid Program for our listeners.