Our commitment to having transcripts for every show is a real service to our community.

We hear from fans of the show who use the transcripts in all sorts of ways: folks with hearing loss, elderly listeners who prefer to engage the show in written form, teachers who adopt it for the classroom — and much more!

A big thank you to our volunteers who put in painstaking work to create these episode transcripts! We’re forever grateful to the following:

Alicia Vermeer, Brittani Howell, Oscar Cadeau, Rebecca Dehovitz, Joshua Kelver, Laura Espinoza, Meredith Cooney, Lexi Giordullo, Crysta Swarts, Tara Deonauth, Megan Steele, Tara Bates, Katherine Colborn, Mairi Nolan, Mary Manning, Bonnie Chi, Becky Liddell, Rebecca Ihilchik, Jenna Shay, Alexandra James, Melanie Carter, Kayleigh Chagnon, Leah Pavlidis, Melissa Larson, Miriam Salzman, Katie Taylor, Cristina Colom, Allie Birkinbine, Mandy McGee, Austine Waje, Cindy Phippen, Rachel Gadd-Nelson, Erin Edgar, Debbie Santiago, Laura Gross, Dave Jones, Alisa Tobin, Ashley Thurber, Bianca Yavelak, Charlotte Tomlinson, Desiree Brown, Emily Broeffle, Erin Nigh, Katy Picken, Kimberly Davis, Laura Wilson, Lisa Grogan, Maura Stutzman, Jakob Nordmark, and Meredith Kressen.