Q. How do you pick your themes?

A. For our first series, we assigned the themes completely randomly. For the second series, Matt and Vanessa are deciding together as they record based on what comes up in their discussion! This is our big list of theme ideas. Do you have a theme in mind? You can submit a theme here.

Q. Why do you mostly do Judeo-Christian practices? Will you do other religious practices?

A. We only want to teach and lead that which is authentically ours. For Vanessa and Casper, that meant Jewish and Christian practices. When Matt joined the show, we started to include Buddhist practices as well. We have hosted people of different faiths (Sejal Patel and Marya Bangee, for example, have both been on the show speaking about Hinduism and Islam respectively) and we plan to have more guests representing different faiths as well. However, we will never lead in practices that are not of our traditions. 

Q. Do you give content warnings on the podcast?

A. We’ve decided not to give trigger warnings for events that happen in the books, because hopefully you’ve read them and know what’s coming! But when applicable, we give trigger warning before our opening stories and before voicemails.

We’ve recently compiled this list of topics that we plan on giving content warnings for: self harm, suicidal thoughts, suicide, miscarriage, infant/child death, abusive relationships/domestic violence, disordered eating, alcoholism/addiction, hate crimes, murder, traumatic death.

But we’re still learning! If  there’s a topic you think we should add to our list, give us a shout at hpsacredtext@notsorryproductions.com.

Q. I love your podcast. How can I show my love?

A. That is so sweet! Lots of ways.

  • Tell your friends and families about it
  • Send them an episode
  • Post about the podcast on your social media
  • Write a review on iTunes
  • Support us on Patreon!
  • More ways here

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Q. Can you come and do a talk at my school/library/church/etc.?

A. Maybe! We book a full year in advance for our live shows with Matt, Vanessa, and Ariana, but the Women of Harry Potter live show (i.e. Vanessa and Ariana) is available on a shorter, more flexible notice. Fill out this form if you’re interested!

Q. Do you know JK Rowling? Does she know about your podcast?

A. No. Trans rights are human rights.

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